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When traditional burial is chosen, there are gravesites available in several of the sections in St. James Cemetery. Only one casket is allowed per gravesite. However, up to four cremated remains can be interred in the same plot. There is a designated area for children and infants. Upright markers and/or flat markers of certain sizes (as per St. James Cemetery By-Laws) can be placed on traditional gravesites.


When cremation is your choice, we have several available options for your interment needs:

Columbarium Niche (Indoor)
A niche wall is located within the Mausoleum at St. James Cemetery. Doors are covered with a granite or glass faceplate and bronze plaques are affixed to memorialize your loved one

Columbarium Niche (Outdoor)
A new outdoor Columbarium containing 100 niches is located in the south-east corner of the Cemetery, overlooking the Bay of Quinte. Doors are covered with a granite faceplate, which can have inscriptions engraved on them to memorialize your loved one.

In-Ground Cremation Plot
A separate section of St. James Cemetery is set aside for placing cremated remains in the ground. Each lot will accept two sets of cremated remains. These lots will accommodate flat markers only (18 x 24 inches maximum).

Pre-Needs Interments

If final burial arrangements are being pre-planned, the cost of interment may be paid in advance to St. James Cemetery. Please contact the Cemetery if you wish further information.

Care and Maintenance

40% (or $150.00, whichever is greater) of the price of each Grave, and 15% (or $100.00, whichever is greater) of the price of each Columbarium Niche that is purchased is put into the Care and Maintenance Trust Fund. The Cemetery can use the interest from this fund to help maintain the Cemetery.

Regular Care and Maintenance activities include:
Cutting grass, leveling graves, planting and caring for trees, snow removal, and maintenance of water-supply systems, roads and drainage.

Care and Maintenance is also collected when an upright monument or flat marker is placed in the Cemetery. These funds are included in the C & M Trust Fund and are used for stone leveling and repairs.

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